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How to Break the Touch Barrier with a Girl

how to break the touch barrier with a girl

This guide can help you decipher when and how is the best way to get through the dreaded touch barrier with girls. It’s hard for anyone now, to truly know what the right amount of touching is and where that romantic boundary ends and creepy begins. So here is a simple guide on what is okay and what isn’t and how you can initiate the touching.

When to reach out

Knowing when and how to reach out to a girl and break this barrier is hard to identify and it’s safe to say there is never any training on this in mainstream learning. But the best way to identify is to acknowledge when she makes more obvious body language signals. This can be as simple as turning her body towards you more, leaning in close, sitting near you, fiddling with her hair or drawing attention to her lips. These are clear signals that she is definitely looking for a more physical relationship with you.

Breaking the touch barrier

Once you’ve noticed these signals, its time to take the leap. Trying easing both you and her into it by touching her upper arm or shoulder when she says something funny or you are guiding her somewhere. This simple gesture will register you to her and as a result of this, she will begin to feel more connected to you. Once you’ve done this, try moving it up to a friendly hug when greeting her. This will spark an image of intimate proximity between the two of you and will encourage her to start touching you back.

What to do if she lets you touch her

If you have successfully fulfilled the examples of touching mentioned above then you are in a good position! She obviously sees a more intimate future with you and in her allowing you to touch her shows that she feels more comfortable around than others. However, do not take this as an opportunity to get too ‘handsy’ as this could quickly put her off and kill off the romantic spark you had going.

How not to touch a girl

Here is quick crash course on what isn’t okay:

1. Avoid sex zones. These are places such as the thigh, stomach, feet, lips and chest. Touching these too early on could result in immediate refusal and you being stuck in the friend zone forever.

2. Avoid making a big deal out of it, especially in very social environments. If you make a massive gesture of breaking this barrier in front of a massive group of people – and then proceed to make sure everyone in the room acknowledges your conquest. It’s more than likely that you have caused her a lot of unnecessary embarrassment and as a result may kill any of the charms you once had. Keep it personal and subtle as this will have the most effect on her.

3. As mentioned above, don’t get too handsy! If you overdo the touching once you have had a few successful attempts, this can quickly throw you into the creepy zone and as a result, stop you from making any further progression. Learn the art of limited yet impactful touching and you will find success.

4. Last but certainly not least. If she clearly isn’t interested in any physical contact and frequently stops you from touching her by keeping her distance, then she really is not into you and any further touching could give off the absolute worst impression of you. Always remember that a woman’s body is very personal and breaking any physical trust she puts into you could be detrimental.

The blossoming of a new relationship can be incredibly exciting and fun, but in order to succeed you need to make sure you understand when and how to break that touch boundary. Keeping the touching to safe zones and making sure it doesn’t happen all the time will further ignite that romantic spark between the two of you and allow you to take this new relationship to a whole new level. And whilst it may be daunting making the first few steps or touches, it will absolutely be worth it for both you and her. Good luck!

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