Flirting Tips

How to Flirt with a Man Subtly, so He Won’t Forget You in a Hurry

how to flirt with a man

Flirting and banter: the difference

People flirt all the time but in a lot of cases, this simply conveys politeness. The parcel delivery guy who always winks when handing over your latest online purchase. A barmaid complimenting your dress sense. In neither instance is the flirter suggesting embarking on a torrid affair with the flirtee. But the crucial aspect of flirting is that cranking it up a notch will send out signals that do go way past charm.

You can let a guy know you’re interested but in a subtle way. That’s the important point. A certain amount of mind games go on when it comes to relationships, even when the two people who are communicating are single. Otherwise, you could simply march over to the object of your affections and plant a kiss on his lips and demand he take a note of your phone number. Unfortunately, while a lot of blokes would be flattered by that attention, the assumption will be made that you behave like that with everyone who catches your eye!

It’s in the eyes

The best way to flirt casually is doing it from a distance, long before you’ve broken any conversational ice. Maintaining eye contact with him is the number one activity that will signal how you’re feeling. Flutter your eyelashes, turn away now and again, but hold that stare – subtly. You don’t want to creep him out by overdoing it, but flirting with eye contact is basically the feminine equivalent of attaching bait to a hook.

Lighthearted approach

Guys don’t always respond to subtlety. They can be one-dimensional creatures who might have passionate arguments with their buddies about a certain goal being offside, but their attention span can be much more wayward when it comes to matters of the heart. Cupid often has his work cut out, making as many near misses before an arrow strikes home.

Also, you stand the best chance of making a lasting impression if you manage to achieve the delicate balance between sensuality and humor. Why does anyone go out socializing, especially after an exhausting week at work? To chat with friends, sink a few drinks, relish good food. Blokes will always respond better to lighthearted overtures. If you can get a guy laughing regularly you’re not only halfway there, you’ll stick in his mind long afterwards.


In conclusion, males love to have their egos massaged. Compliment him on his style, his haircut, his aftershave. Do so with ever-so-casual hand gestures, stroking his lapel, leaning in closer to make a point so he inhales your own alluring perfume. Toy with the top button of your blouse, threatening to undo it, mentioning how hot you feel – temperature-wise! Mix your comments with teasing. The more you can put him on the back foot and give the impression you’re not going to make it easy for him, the more you’ll become his sole focus of attention.

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