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Why Does Kissing Feel Good? Come Closer, I'll Tell You Why It Does!

Why is kissing healthy

A knee bending, tongue thrashing with the right person can set your world on fire! It’s the kind of kiss that lets you know you are alive and gets your heart to pumping every time you daydream about it and you’re thinking about it often. But did you know the experts revealed surprising news related to the process of kissing someone and they believe kissing is good for you and your body? Why is kissing healthy? Keep reading to find out.

Why do people like kissing?

People like to touch one another, show their affection, some say it’s romantic. Michael Cane now travels the world to discuss “The Art of Kissing.” Can you believe it? This is possible because of his best-selling book that tells all about relationships and why kissing is important. What’s more is that he says “women say they can tell if a relationship is going to work out after the first kiss, after the first night of kissing”, that is. It’s supposed to be some kind of women’s intuition, he says.

Good for the body

Kissing triggers many aspects of the body but what you may not realize is that kissing aids in boosting the immune system and gives your face muscles a workout. Yay! We hardly think about exercising the face to help slow the aging process but a long and intense kiss will help tighten sagging jaw lines and eyelids.

kissing good

Cleans the teeth

A prominent dentist in Fairview, Ohio says that by swapping spit (kissing) two individuals can remove bacteria from their teeth. Um, crazy attractive, right? (Come on, give it to me, baby… not!) I’m just joking but Mathew Messina is not. The American Dental Association consumer advisor goes on to tell us although this practice does work, he doesn’t suggest skipping the toothbrush to get rid of the funky stuff.

Weight loss

In addition, kissing is good as a weight loss measure. Don’t laugh! What I’m saying is very much true and Dr. Bryant Stamford agrees. Professor Stamford is the director of the Health Promotion Center over at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Steamy hot kisses can burn a couple of calories a minute and even increase the metabolic rate. However, if you were jogging, you’d burn about eleven calories the good doctor says, but… which would you much rather be doing?

Stress Relief

Did you have a bad day? Kiss someone passionately on the lips, on the cheeks or on the neck. No matter how you do it, it heightens physiological occurrences in the body. The lucky ones extend their pleasure by having sex and this too, my friends, is so, so good for the body and mind. Many babies are born because of one single kiss… why does kissing feel so good?

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